Amy Rhodes, Founder & Chief Advisor

Amy is native to Central Indiana.  Her career involves over 20 years experience working as a teacher, administrator, director and non-profit organizational consultant.  She is an A.M.S. certified Montessori educator and PINA permaculture design consultant.  Amy launched Listen To The Land in 2011 to provide children and adults land-based, experiential education on small farms and ecotourism operations.

Amy holds a MA in Natural Resources and Environmental Management, specializing in place-conscious education.  Her research,  Place-Conscious Education for Sustainable Development: Supporting Diffusion, Transfer, and Creation of Sustainable Technologies provides inspiration for Listen to the Land’s place specific consultation and program design services.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys hiking through the prairies and forests of Indiana, as well as, traveling to distant lands.  She keeps a journal of her discoveries as she travels, writing with particular attention to cultural relationships found between humans and non-humans.


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Listen To The Land’s programs operate seasonally, April – October. During these months, interpreters, educators, and college interns interested in sustainability education and place-conscious methodologies of instruction work on a sub-contract basis. Send your letter of interest and resume to Amy at listentotheland@gmail.com.

Connecting people to the lessons of the land; Promoting entrepreneurial stewardship and bioregional economies