Are you listening?

Stories of the Earth, even of the Universe, are in the places we inhabit.  When we take time to observe and participate in our natural heritage, epochal truths are revealed and can be perceived. Exploring the patterns and habits of plants, animals, geology, water and energy in all life around us expands our awareness of belonging to a greater whole.

“The more attuned we are to the beauties of the world, the more we come to life and take joy in it.” ~ Yi-Fu Tuan

The beauty of the world delights our senses. It can induce a childlike sense of wonder.  Our awe and curiosity may lead us to question the function and purpose of each non-human we encounter.  Do you remember the first time you realized that you, too, are an intricate, beautiful being living on this spinning globe?


Have you questioned your function? Your purpose?

What is your contribution as a living being on this planet?


For most of us, creating opportunities to explore nature means deliberately making space in our busy schedules.  Now, more than ever, it is essential for our individual and planetary well-being to spend time experiencing the beauty of our world.  The more we pause and listen to the land, the more our attachment grows. This attachment to Home, empowers us to stand and protect it.

The wind, water, trees, and soil, along with all the creatures of the Earth, are asking the human family to attune with the beauty of the world. They are inviting us to ask critical questions about their lives and about our own.  What has happened here? What is happening now? What do we want for future generations?


When was the last time you heard the river’s voice and listened to the lessons being sung?