Spring Awakening and The “Magic” of Seeds

Springtime delights our senses!  Birdsongs and the sweet scent of soil after rain fill the air.  Colors of white, purple, pink, and yellow canvas forest floors, burst in the trees, and are popping up in flower beds. These magnificent blooms attract hundreds of species of pollinators, creating a joyful buzz of activity.  The warmth of the sun invites us out of our houses, too, alluring us to breathe in the fresh air and participate in the coming of new life. It’s a wondrous way to wake from the dormancy of winter slumber!

One of the best ways to engage in the rebirth of Spring is to sow seeds.  In this recent Tower Power blog post, To Sow or Not To Sow, I outline the benefits and drawbacks of direct seeding or transplanting.  Either way, whether you start seeds in trays or sow directly into the ground, planting seeds places you at the intersection of death and new life.  For within a seed lies the story of the previous plant’s life (native homeland, genetic blueprint, preferred growing conditions) paired with the stored nutrition to support the coming of the next generation.

SeedsinHandsWith seeds in our hands and commitment to nurture life’s
regenerative power, it is not difficult to sense the magnitude of creation and our responsibility to take part. Your act of putting seeds into soil and tending them to life is a promise and gift for the future.